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CMP Email Masker 1.9 Build 9436

     Category: Internet / Email

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CMP Email Masker 1.9 Build
The email addresses on this website are usually not clickable. They are slightly fuzzy images, not text. I do this not to annoy you, but to discourage spam harvesters. You can use the same technique yourself with this Masker Applet. The following signed Applet will produce *.png files (variable transparency background image files similar to *.gifs, but smaller) that contain your email address. When you post them on your website, it is harder for spammer to harvest them. It will let you make transparent a graphic email icon like this: ? png graphic icon, not text.
CMP Email Masker 1.9 Build
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Author: Canadian Mind Products
License: Freeware
File Size: 922.0 KB
Downloads: 23

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